From the beginning of a project - already in the phase of specification - we need good test-sets. With test-sets we specify and describe the functionality, the input and the output of a software-process. Good test-sets are the treasure in the software-lifecycle.
So it is indispensable, to adapt test-cases to meet the requirements of a modified-software and to protect and preserve our treasure.

May be that sound's simple but every expert knows:
The real trick is, to solve this in an efficient and not at all financial affordable manner.

Therefore in our customer's projects we use our own proofed batch-test-software.

With this batch-test-software, we are able to

  • specify input and output, describe the processing-rules.
  • define the location of input and output (files, database-tables, ...).
  • print test-cases with input and output as pdf-documents.
  • modify input- and output-structures, without loosing test-data.
  • compare the actual output with the specified output.
  • execute regression-tests.
  • group test-cases to test-groups.
  • define simple and complex comparing rules.
    • exclusion of fields from comparing; for example:
      • timestamps, batch-numbers
      • fields, content of them has changed because of software-change
    • define joins between record-structures.
      • problem: join-fields are often automatic numbers, which cannot be simply compared
    • define comparison-rules for xml-data.

The xml-comparison-component of our batch-test-software is available for customers as a standalone-tool called <xml>cmp.


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efficiently and performantly comparing, merging, regrouping and sorting of large xml-files with low memory-consumption

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